Primitive Hunting and Trapping

detail-01Primitive Trapping and Hunting:

The reasons for learning this ancient and essential skill are almost too numerous to list.  Modern steel traps have existed for roughly 300 years, and have been used mostly to trap animals for profit. Leghold traps cause extreme emotional and physical stress to the animal until the trapper comes along and dispatches it as much as 24 hours later.  By contrast, primitive traps kill the animal almost instantly. These types of traps have existed since the beginning of humanity, and may well have been humankind’s first mechanical endeavor. They were used to catch animals for sustenance and for fur that could be made into clothing and other articles for native people.

For anybody interested in survival, trapping is a mandatory skill to cultivate. For anyone interested in feeding themselves nourishing wild game meals on a regular basis, trapping offers one of the most satisfying and effective ways to achieve that goal.  Setting traps is like multiplying oneself and hunting at multiple locations around the clock.  It is far more efficient than hunting and can reliably supply the trapper with game with a minimum of time and effort.

Harvesting an animal with a weapon made from natural materials is another way of nurturing a deep connection with the natural world and with the hunter’s quarry.