Classes and Scheduling

Introductory classes in all disciplines offered the 2nd weekend of every month.

For more information or additional class schedules – please email or call:
734- 945-1240

Currently running:
Coyote Nature Explorers
Classes for age 5-12 at the Nature Learning Community.
Mondays, 9:30 – 1:30
Ongoing registration available — click here to sign up!

Available classes are listed below.  

Edible Plants:

We are surrounded by nourishing and powerful plants — right here in Washtenaw County! Learn to identify, prepare and eat local wild edible and medicinal plants. This class will give you a greater appreciation for the goodness
growing right under your feet!

Jewelry and Crafts from Nature

Discover the satisfaction of making something beautiful and ornamental from found natural materials. From bone, wood, nuts, fur and skins, and cordage from plant fibers (which I can teach you how to do!) — the natural world is full of beautiful raw materials which can become treasures and objects of great personal power. Learn to make amulets, hats, burned wood bowls, pouches, earrings, bracelets, belt buckles, baskets, and many other crafts. The options are limitless, this class will teach you the basics and help launch your imagination.

Fire by Friction

You really can start fire by rubbing two sticks together. Start by learning the most basic technique — the bow drill fire. Learn how to make your own bow drill kit and how to use it to create fire. Walk away with the knowledge that you’re always prepared to create fire with nothing but found materials — and your own personal bow drill kit which will be assembled during class.

Shelter Making

Learn to make the most basic and essential survival shelter – the debris hut. In a matter of hours you can create a shelter that will keep you warn in the coldest days of winter using nothing but that which surrounds you.

Wild Game Processing and Preparation/ Hide Tanning:

Acquiring an animal is half of the equation, but what next?  This class deals with all of the subsequent steps that allow you to honor the animal fully by using all of it. Learn how to:

    ~Skin an animal

    ~Gut an animal and save and identify the edible organ meats

    ~Tan the animal’s skin using the same method used for thousands of years by native people

          ~Cook every local species of small game in ways that result in mouth-watering meals


To walk into the woods, create a trap with natural materials found on the spot with one’s own hands, and for this act to produce actual sustenance, is indescribably satisfying. Three separate classes are offered on trapping:

    Trapping 1 – The Figure Four and Paiute Deadfalls

    Trapping 2 – Snares

    Trapping 3 – Advanced Trapping

Primitive Hunting Weapons:  

The bow and arrow has been in use for thousands of years and, until the relatively recent invention of the gun, was the primary weapon used by humans for hunting.

    Classes include:

    Making a Bow from a Hickory Sapling

    Making Arrows From Nature

    Flintknapping Arrowheads from a Beer Bottle

Children’s and Young Adult classes (ages 7-18)

This class is geared specifically towards introducing young people to nature and traditional skills. This class can be tailored to the age group and particular interests of the teachers and students, and can cover any of the material from the offered classes. Please contact me to schedule a class or demonstration for your group!

Call or fill out the contact form for scheduling information. Thanks for your interest!


If you are interested in a subject you don’t see below, or if you would like to schedule a class or demonstration, please feel free to contact me.