About Gone Feral


After a lifetime of conventional food consumption, primitive skills instructor Matt Nisbett began to feel that there had to be a better way to nourish his body and spirit with food. This feeling led him to find his passion for primitive  trapping, hunting and fishing, and cooking wild game.

Matt has trained extensively with renowned survival teacher Tom Brown Junior, and has spent years practicing various primitive skills, with an intense focus on those skills which pertain to harvesting and utilizing wild game.  Now that he has become proficient in providing nearly all his animal protein with these skills, he feels inspired to share his knowledge with others.

    For at least 90,000 years, humankind obtained all its food and clothing from wild plants and animals.  In the time since agriculture has become the predominant means of obtaining food, and especially in the face of modern processed foods becoming widespread, human health has seen a vast decline.  Animals that feed on plants that come from relatively undisturbed soils, and that eat the foods they were designed to eat, are vastly more nutritious than even the most well-raised organic meat available in the supermarket.  These are the foods that humans thrive on.  In and of itself, learning and engaging in the skills needed to obtain this food provides inestimable vitality, satisfaction, and self-reliance.

    Money can’t buy wild game.  Meat labeled as such at the butcher is from captive farm raised animals bred from wild stock.  Even if wild game was commercially available, the consumer would be deprived of the spiritual connection to the animal they were eating.  To harvest a wild animal for food, especially by primitive means, is to step back into the most essential experience of our ancestors.

    Gone Feral provides instruction and demonstration in:

Edible Plants

Jewelry and Crafts from Nature

Primitive Trapping

Fire by Friction

Shelter Making

Wild Game Processing and Preparation/ Hide Tanning:

Primitive Hunting and Trapping

Wild Game Cooking and Cuisine

Primitive Handicrafts and Crafting Primitive Hunting Weapons

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